Sk8tivity Artistic Clinics

Sk8tivity clinics teach figure skaters at all levels the value, freedom, and passion they can discover in artistic, emotional, and theatrical concepts within their own bodies on the ice.

Kate McSwain developed Sk8tivity to help fellow figure skaters adapt to the “new” International Judging System (IJS) Component requirements and to advance a greater understanding of—and appreciation for—artistry in the sport.

Kate has presented Sk8tivity artistic clinics at several ice rinks across the country, including for Brazos Valley FSC  in College Station, TX; Thoroughbred FSC in Lexington, KY; and repeat sessions at the Broadmoor Skating Club in Colorado Springs, where she has worked with Tom Zakrajsek’s top students, including:

For the complete Sk8tivity curriculum, clinic options, and package pricing, please see the PDFs:

About Sk8tivity

Sk8tivity Clinic Photo
Sk8tivity Clinic, Broadmoor SC, May 2010 – Campfire Activity

Sk8tivity draws from concepts originating in dance, theatre, choreography, performance art, and music.

It encompasses an array of artistry-related topics including poise, musicality, finesse, emotional expression, improvisation, rhythm, and timing.

A Sk8tivity clinic covers all the skills figure skaters need to perform at their highest artistic potential.

It also guides athletes to experience a greater sense of freedom in their bodies and encourages them to experiment with movement outside of their comfort zones.

These skills translate into:

  • more purposeful movement,
  • more polished show and competitive presentations,
  • a deeper emotional connection with judges and with audiences,
  • increased musical understanding, and
  • overall higher artistic skating quality.

Through Sk8tivity, skaters learn to think more creatively, skate more passionately, and express themselves better, both on and off the ice.

Curriculum & Pricing

Kate McSwain's Sk8tivity Clinic
Sk8tivity Clinic, Thoroughbred FSC, Nov. 2010

Sk8tivity concepts are taught through:

  • high-energy exercises and games,
  • dialogue and movement,
  • individualized performance training, and
  • task-oriented worksheets and handouts.

For the complete Sk8tivity curriculum, clinic options, and package pricing, please see the PDFs:

References, sample handouts, and additional photographs of past seminars are available by request. For more information, see other posts on this blog about Sk8tivity, please contact Kate or check out Sk8tivity on Facebook.


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