What Skaters Are Saying about Kate

  • Kate and Rachael Flatt

    “I love working with Kate because she is so innovative and brings a unique style to modern choreography.”She just choreographed a new show program for me (which will be debuted at An Evening on Ice in August), and it is showcasing a completely different side of me! We had so much fun working together, and I cannot wait to have her choreograph more programs for me in the future.”

    -Rachael Flatt, 2010 U.S. Women’s Champion (Colorado Springs, CO)

What Choreographers Are Saying about Kate

What Coaches Are Saying about Kate

  • “Kate McSwain is both gifted as an artist and giving as a teacher… a wonderful blend of attributes. I am so lucky to have her working with my skaters!”

    -Alex Chang, coach (Los Angeles, CA)

  • “Kate gets students to move out of their comfort zones and explore new horizons on the ice. They find new ways of moving, which is extremely important in IJS!”

    -Marta Nilsen, coach (Tampa, FL)

  • “I counted my skating blessings complete when Nationals came to Greensboro in January 2011, but while still enjoying the buzz of that event, Kate McSwain landed at our humble rink in Greensboro and brought us another gift: her choreography skills! Fellow coach Lance Travis and myself have had the great privilege of working with Kate, and our skaters—from Basic Skills through IJS athletes—beam when she comes to town.

    “Kate’s fun personality and approachable demeanor make her a popular coach with our students, but more than that, Lance and I recognize and appreciate her creativity and fresh style which helps promote love of sport within the skater and provides those skillfully choreographed moments that help our students stand out.”

    -Nicole Stalker
, coach (Greensboro, NC)

See Kate’s Services for a list of the ice rinks and skating clubs around the country where Kate has guest coached and/or choreographed.

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