New Sk8tivity Logo, Tagline, & Brochure Debut

New Sk8tivity logo and tagline

Kate is pleased to announce that she has reworked her Sk8tivity artistic clinic marketing materials to better reflect her offerings:

  • The infinity symbol, which was already in Kate’s informational packets for Sk8tivity, has taken an even more prominent position in the new version of the Sk8tivity logo.
  • The new tagline, “Skate with infinite creativity,” really drives home the message that the possibilities are endless with Sk8tivity, because it shows athletes how to get outside their comfort zones and truly perform at their highest artistic potential!
  • The brand-new Sk8tivity 3-panel brochure succinctly explains the Sk8tivity concept in a one-page format, while the revised Sk8tivity informational packet tells the full story.

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure and check out Sk8tivity on Facebook.

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