Kate Participates in a Choreography Master Class

This semester, Kate is currently participating in a pilot program of an online class, Master Choreography Techniques for Figure Skating. She will obtain her Certificate in Choreography for Figure Skaters in May 2012.

This class was developed and is taught by Jodi Porter, an award-winning dance choreographer, founder of American Ice Theater, and author of the USFSA Theatre on Ice Dictionary of Choreographic Elements.

It’s a live, Web-based distance learning program offering 18 weeks of in-depth study of over 85 choreographic elements found in dance and various compositional elements as they relate to figure skating.

Participants in the course must create choreography to meet specific movement and dance objectives and submit videos of these projects for homework. Live lectures and class discussions are held weekly online.

  • The first month’s project focused on the element of tempo. Kate called her first project submission, “Twitchy”.
  • Most recently, she choreographed another piece for the class, “A Study in Space”, including space across the arena as well as the space of the body. Check it out:



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