Five Tips for Aspiring Young Choreographers

Among Kate's tips for aspiring choreographers: You should do choreo for your friends, video them, and post your work online!
Among Kate’s tips for aspiring choreographers: Go to as many events as you can and network! (Kate is pictured here, blogging at 2012 Nationals.)

Kate is often asked by aspiring young choreographers how she got started and what steps she recommends they take to launch their own careers.

In fact, Kate was interviewed recently in an article on about how to succeed as a young choreographer. In the piece, various skaters share their personal journeys and offer advice in making the transition from competition to choreo.

Kate discussed her involvement in the Young Artists Showcase and also laid out her top 5 recommendations for aspiring young choreographers. Here are Kate’s tips:

  1. Get a dance or theater degree. This gives you a solid foundation and greater credibility.
  2. Choreograph pieces for yourself and your friends and post them online! You’ll get a lot of valuable feedback and exposure that way.
  3. Set up a website so people can find you easily. There are lots of free online tools to do this.
  4. Take advantage of educational opportunities, like online choreo classes from American Ice Theatre, and learn everything you can.
  5. Network and be present! Go to events: regionals, nationals, Skate America, Skate for Hope, Evening on Ice, G2C Supercamp, anything! Being there is crucial — you never know when you might meet a coach who wants to work with you!

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