Kate’s Work in Europe

14068116_10100320386380651_4604530440340262358_nKate returned with friend and colleague Garrett to lead on- and off-ice movement/edge and dance classes and to polish the choreography developed during their previous visit to Iceland to work with skaters in the Bjornnin Skating Club in Reykjavik.

Among the Icelandic skaters Kate worked with was Agnes Dís Brynjarsdóttir, who later competed at the ISU Junior Grand Prix Czech Skate 2016 in Ostrava. Both her short program and free skate were choreographed by Kate.Agnes Dís Brynjarsdóttir skating in junior grand prix

After their time in Iceland, Kate and Garrett then traveled to Berlin to attend and contribute to the Contemporary Skating Festival. There, they collaborated on improvisation and modern movement with fellow choreographers and professional skaters from all over the world.

contemporary skating festival participants 2016

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