AIT-Boston Performs at the U.S. Open

AIT Boston at US Open 2017Guest skaters from across the nation traveled to Nashville, TN to represent AIT – Boston (the Boston chapter of American Ice Theatre) at the U.S. Open this May. Skaters included: Garrett Kling, Liz Schmidt, Meg Renaldi-Young, Su Wagner, Robert Mauti, Victoria Craw, Sean Marshinski, Stephanie Bass, and Ashley Wyatt.

AIT Boston performing a lift at the US Open 2017

They learned Kate’s ensemble choreography via videos and long-distance communication, and then rehearsed in person in Nashville just 24 hours in advance.

The piece, “Promise” by Ben Howard, centered around the theme of how many emotions and moments often feel as though they are “slipping through our fingers.”

AIT-Boston is planning to do another ensemble piece next year at the U.S. Open 2018 in Orlando, FL.

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