“Experiment on Ice:” Kate Collaborates with Other Artists in the Netherlands

kate-mcswain-skater-collaborates-in-the-netherlands-with-other-artistsKate was honored to be invited to represent American Ice Theatre as a contemporary skating choreographer at the “Experiment on Ice” in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. This project brought 10 graphic, visual, and musical artists together with 10 choreographers and contemporary skaters to create pieces of work in 3 days that blend artistic outlets and create various forms of art in relation to skating.

The exploration process culminated in an outdoor performance at the Leeuwarden Christmas Market on Saturday, December 16th. Kate worked with 7 other artists ranging from actors to media artists to musicians to present a piece entitled, “Gesture.”

To learn more about this fascinating experiment, watch this Dutch news footage about the “Experiment on Ice,” starting at about 4:50:


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