Kate & Drew’s Seminar a Hit in Tampa

Kate McSwain leading a dance exercise to build core body awareness
Kate leading seminar participants in a dance exercise to build greater core body awareness

Kate & Drew just presented another movement & artistic seminar, a “master class in movement” to help skaters reach their fullest performance potential, this time at Tampa Bay Skating Club.

Participants said the workshop taught them valuable information about core body movement, the importance of artistry, and an understanding of the choreographic element of space.

Kate McSwain & Drew Meekins lead an improvisational exercise
Kate & Drew lead an improvisational exercise

Kate and Drew extend a special thanks to Carey Tinkelenberg and Nick Santillo, whose invaluable assistance made these clinics possible.

Watch in coming months for more Kate McSwain-Drew Meekins movement clinics for figure skaters, maybe coming to a rink near you!

Kate McSwain & Drew Meekins with kids attending skating seminar in Tampa Bay

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